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100% Awesome Podcast

Aug 8, 2019

Want to change the world?  

In episode 14 of the podcast I'm talking about what we are each contributing to the world around us—are we creating more love or more hate?  Are we moving the needle towards love in our individual lives, in our communities, and in our world and how do we do that?  

Unconditionally loving all the people around us is not a feeling reserved for saints or the subjugated.  Instead, unconditional love is a gift you give yourself and it always feels amazing.

These three questions can help us get to love:

1.  What does it feel like when I choose not to love this person?

2.  Is this a time when love is not a good choice?

3.  What would love do?

Getting better and better at creating unconditional love will change you and your life—and it just might change the world in the process...and that my friends is 100% awesome!

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