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100% Awesome Podcast

Jun 6, 2019

In Episode 5 of the podcast we're talking about how judgment always feels protective and useful to our brain, but how it is neither.  Judgment leaves us feeling terrible and unable to change our own unwanted behaviors.  In the podcast, we'll cover the judgments we have about others, their judgments of us, and our judgments of ourselves.

The way to access peace and love and personal improvement is to manage our thoughts and drop our judgments. To do this we need to recognize that we truly don’t know what other people should do, we need to know that it’s 100% okay for them to be wrong about us, and we need to truly believe that we are 100% awesome exactly as we are.

You might be amazed at what can change in your life when you start seeing the world without judgment and that my friend is 100% awesome.

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