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100% Awesome Podcast

Jun 20, 2019

We all want to change, but we don't always know how.  At least, everything we've tried in the past hasn't worked.  

In Episode 7 of the podcast, we're talking about how real change is available in any area of your life and teach you exactly how to make the changes you want.  

It's important to remember:

1. Choosing to act in a different way (changing your behavior) won’t ever change your value. It will just give you a different life experience. 

2. Changing any behavior is only effective when we change our thoughts first.  And you get to believe whatever you want.

3. Your natural human brain will try to talk you out of any change you decide to make. That’s it’s job. But, the more you learn to talk to your brain instead of listen to your brain, the more you will be able to change and grow like you want.

When you know you don’t have to change to be enough, when you know that your thoughts are the key to any change, and when you become the boss of your primitive brain, true change is possible...and that my friends is 100% awesome!