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100% Awesome Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

When the people in our lives are suffering, we want to fix things.  We want to control their experiences, change their circumstances, and help them find different thoughts and feelings so they can feel better.

However, this is only because we suffer when we see others suffer.  In many ways we want them to feel better so that we can feel better.

As humans, we think we know what's best for others.  We think if we can change the way they are thinking and feeling, they can have less suffering.

But while this may feel compassionate, it isn't.  And it doesn't allow us to access the power of divine love.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about what to do when others are suffering and how to find compassion and peace and love without wanting to get in and change other people’s models or circumstances—even when they include pain and suffering.

These ideas can transform the way we love and the way we show up around the other people in our lives when they are hurting or suffering and can increase the richness of our own human experience...and that my friends, is 100% awesome.  

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Don't let overwhelm, worry, or shame keep you from applying the things you learn and feel during this conference!  xo-April